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Being arrested can be a frightening experience especially the first time.  We work with you to promptly file a bond and get your loved ones or friends out of jail fast!

That's who we are!

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We provide around the clock service 24 hours a day to Idaho's Five Northern Counties and we can also assist you with bonds anywhere in the State of Idaho by appointment. Call us for more information.

5% down O.A.C.

On approved Credit, we can write your bond for only 5% down and set up easy monthly payments for the balance. Applies to bonds in excess of 25,000.00
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Customer Reviews

Here is what some of our recent customers have to say about 7B Bailbonds.

"Your the man!" not only were you the only company to answer the phone at 230 am you got me out by 1030 am and then went to court with me at 130pm to be there if my bond went up. Can't thank you enough!

It was my first time in jail so Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
Your quick response got me out of what can only be described as a terrifying experience.

We can help direct you to obtain the resources neccesary to meet your court ordered release requirements such as Ankle monitors, Alchol monitors and Blow and Go devices!

Co-Signer Application

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You can download our Co-Signer application and credit card authorization forms online and email them back to us! We make it easy for out of the area cosigners to post a bond.
Just download and fill out the application and email it back to us, It's that easy!
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How does Bail work?

Bail is the right of every citizen. Once a bond amount is set by the judge, a defendant is entitled to post bail and be released from custody while defending themselves on the criminal charges.
We make the process Easy, Fast and Trouble Free. We post a surety bond which guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear as promised. A Co-signer pays a non-refundable fee to the bond Company to post this bond.

How long is the Bond in effect?

The Bailbond is in effect until the case is resolved, no matter the disposition of the case. The judge will "Exonerate" (release) the bond at the end of the case. Once a judge exonerates the bond, the defendant, Co-Signer and the bond comapny are released from their obligations.

What am I liable for as a co-signer?

As a co-signer, you are financially responsible for the total amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court. You are also responsible for the fees associated with returning the defendant to court if they fail to appear. Bounty hunters typically charge 10% of the original bail amount, but their fees could be higher depending on the circumstances with recovering the defendant.

How long does it take to post a bond?

Filling out the paperwork and posting the bond takes approx 30 minutes to an hour. The majority of the time it takes getting a defendant released is spent waitiing on the Jail to process the defendant out of the jail. These times vary from facility to facility. Most times it takes about 1 hour or less.

Why should I use a Bondsman vs. Posting cash at the Jail?

Posting cash bail at the Jail or the Courthouse exposes your bail money to being used by the Courts to cover court costs, attorneys fees for public defenders and for fines. Posting a full collateral Bond with a bondsman costs a little more because of premium charges (10% of the bond) but the bulk amount of your cash (the actual bond amount) gets deposited into an escrow account and does not get used for anything but collateral on the bond.
Once the bond is exonerated by the Judge, we return the entire amount of the collateral to the depositor (minus credit card fees if credit card is used for payment). This leaves the defendant to take care of their own fees and fines. This is good alternative for defendants who do not have a qualified co-signer.

Do I need to own a home or property to Co-sign?

In many cases on smaller bond amounts, a co-signer having a long standing record of residency and employment will be enough to qualify someone to co-sign on a bond. In cases of larger bond amounts, a vehicle title can be used as collateral on a bond but generally we like to see home or property ownership to establish responsibility and the financial capability to cover the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court.


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Your value to us as a customer is not determined by how much your bond amount is set at.